I did wedding photography for a number of years at C&B Photography (now called Bella Allure). At the split of that business, I decided I no longer wished to pursue weddings for several reasons.

Wedding Photography Is a Lot of Work

Most brides think it is 7 hours and done. Not even close. It takes at least an hour to two hours to check all my camera gear and get things ready before I even head out the door to shoot the wedding. Not counting time on the phone to get times, locations, and names of the bridal party.

After the wedding, I would come home and spend at least a couple hours uploading photos to my computer and backing them up to make sure they are safe. A typical 8 hour wedding day is really 12-14 hours. This assumes I don’t edit an image (or 5) as a sneak peak for social media.

Sunday is a day of recovery. Carrying 30+ pounds of camera gear all day is hard on the body. Running from one place to another and focusing on getting the right shots takes a tone of mental energy. All of that is very tiring. When Monday rolls around, it is on to color correcting the images and creating a wedding album. That can take another 30 hours of work right there.

Photography Is Undervalued

I remember how often people would say they loved my work and then wouldn’t be willing to pay the price for it. Say what? Because everyone has a camera these days and thinks that weddings are where the money is, the market is severely undervalued. Are there some great photographers who are relatively inexpensive, yes. Are there some who charge too much, yes. But the majority of photographers out there are terrible. They don’t deliver a quality product, learn the craft, or actually care about making superb images.

Bridal Marketing Is a Chore

I am not an extremely outgoing individual normally. I stepped outside my comfort zone and made the effort to do bridal shows. First of all, there are usually a load of other photographers there. Second, most brides indicated that they already had a photographer. Between show setup, tear down, and missing church, I just don’t see the point any more. And to top it off, refer back to point number two.

Why $6000?

This is the price I am willing to do a wedding for. There is no negotiation on the price. I will shoot for 10 hours on your wedding day, include a flush mount album, and a flash drive with all the photos. If you really want me that badly, you can pay the above mentioned price. Don’t misunderstand, I love weddings. I don’t love being under paid for my work.

Go See These People

All three of thee below listed photographers were my “competition” when I was doing wedding photography in Bakersfield. Each has a different style from the other. Each of them are members of WPPI (that is important) and have won awards and been published.

Abby’s Photography

Ron and Cidy are a great couple. I have never shot along them, but have seen the images they produce. They are a great choice for your wedding photography.

Ashley dePencier Photography

I consider Ashley a friend. She is amazing to work with. Her sweet demeanor makes her a wonderful photographer to work with. Not the loud outspoken type typically, but don’t let it fool you. Her whimsical style is perfect for a BoHo wedding. And before you call, it is pronounced de-ponce-ee-ay.

Boone & Stacie Weddings

The best thing I can say here is solid, classic photography with a modern look. These aren’t over the top dramatic images, but well executed photos for a consistent look. Daniel is like a big teddy bear with a jolly laugh. His images come across that way too, with good saturation and the occasional black and white. No Instagramy, hip today gone tomorrow, looks here. Give them a call.