Classy Topless Boudoir Photo in the Kern River

What is more beautiful than a boudoir photo? One taken on a hot day with water. This sexy topless shot is classy and steamy at the same time. She is wearing sheer black pants and her reflection can be seen in the water of the Kern River. The Kern River is one of the most dangerous rivers in the US. This shot was taken in an area were very little water flows regularly and is much safer. K’s blonde hair running down her naked back is perfect for this photo. As a photographer, I wanted the image to convey a sense that the viewer had come across this woman bathing or enjoying the water in solitude. The voyeuristic feel adds to the risque and sexy feel. Durning a couple months at the start of summer in Bakersfield, it is possible to capture a classy boudoir photo like this one.

Location:Bakersfield, CA Kern River

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