A topless woman standing in the Kern River near Bakersfield, CA captured by Red Silk Photos, boudoir photographer.

Summertime Sexy Boudoir Photographer

I loved creating this sexy and hot image of T- in the water. I wanted a little bit of a voyeuristic feeling and achieved it by having T- face away from me and take her top off. As a boudoir photographer, it is my responsibility to make my clients feel safe and create the look they want in an image. This playful photo captures the essence of glamour photography in my opinion. By having her turned away from the camera, the viewer is left to wonder about her nakedness. A common mistake by ameteur photographers is showing too much. By leaving things to the imagination, a much more powerful image occurs. The hot summer day made for a perfect setting for this photo. I found a secluded spot away from individuals who would look without permission, thus creating a safe environment for such risque style photos. Here is another risque style topless boudoir photo and even a nude boudoir photo. If you are looking to create a sexy image for yourself or someone you love, I hope you will consider hiring me as your Bakersfield boudoir photographer.

Location: Bakersfield, CA


©Red Silk Photos