Sexy Bakersfield Maternity Photography

The almond orchards are a little cliche in my opinion, but they do make for beautiful photos. Shooting sexy Bakersfield maternity photography is about more than just showing skin, but also the mood and the beauty of motherhood. In this case, Ms A- made for a perfect subject to show how sexy a mother can be without showing much skin. The pink dress is a little off the shoulder, but clearly shows her cradling her baby bump. Shooting in the almond orchards takes special care. First, you must have permission as they are all on private property. Second, none of the blossoms can be touched as it can spoil part of the harvest for the farmer, which is one of the reasons many farmers deny access.

The almond orchards do make for a great symbol of maternity. The fresh blossoms represent the coming life and the white color hints at the purity of the event. Check out some of my other amazing maternity photography.

Location: Bakersfield, CA

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