A super sexy panty photo showing legs and the shadow of lace panties shot by Red Silk Photos boudoir photographer.

Sexy Boudoir Photographer

Making sexy photos is fun and rewarding. Shooting photos that are suggestive but not revealing is what a boudoir photographer does. Photographing a woman’s panties in close up is sexy. She lifted them slightly showing the shadow of the lace to show on her smooth skin. The play of light and shadow makes this shot sexy and dramatic. Such risque shots require a lot of skill to execute in a tasteful manner. There is a big difference between boudoir and pornography. While both are outside the moral compass of the prudish, boudoir is meant to leave something to the imagination. Good boudoir photos show a mood and a feeling, not all the gritty details. Read more about boudoir photography in this short blog post.

Location: Bakersfield, CA

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