Occasionally I am looking for models for various projects I am working on. Please read the requirements before filling out the form below.

Modeling Application

Experience: You do not need to be experienced, although it helps.

Portfolio: You do not need to have a portfolio, but it will help in your selection as a candidate on your modeling application. I may request photos of you for reference.

Shoot types:

Portraits: Portraits are basic photographs of a single individual. These may be on location or in studio as required.

Boudoir: You must be comfortable wearing lingerie. These are sexy and scantily clad images.

Fashion: This genre covers a range of looks but usually has a focus geared towards creative portraits and looks.

Nudes: I have certain rules about nude photography and I will not shoot pornography. These sessions may require you to be partially or completely nude.


Please consider during your application that you may be required to travel for some shoots. The travel will always be included in the casting call description.

If you are still interested, please fill out the following modeling application form.

I would like to know about casting calls and modeling opportunities.