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Online Directory Listing Representative Support Page

Dear Representative of ________ (Google Data Service, YP, Yelp, etc)

Yes I listed my business on your listing site. I appreciate you contacting me regarding paying for your advertising service.

Since I have been running a business for some time and understand my industry better than you do, I respectfully decline to pay for your service at this time. You have been directed at this page because I am not going to talk to you about it on the phone.

I have created this page to assist you in understanding why I will not be paying for your advertising.

  • Conversion to Cost Ratio is too high.
  • I don’t care what you say people do on your site, that is unverified data to me that you can make up. Add a spot for my own analytics and maybe we’ll talk.
  • I do SEO for a living. Please don’t sell me on how I can get to Page 1 of Google.
  • Your analytics are wrong. What shows as a click from your site doesn’t show on my end. I have verified this through several tests.
  • You don’t have a PPC option or your PPC is cost prohibitive.
  • Your categories aren’t specific enough to what I do.
  • Broad industry data is worthless. I know statistics well enough to spot a lie. I am not a restaurant, coffee shop, or other confectionery business. Use PHOTOGRAPHY statistics please.
  • I don’t care that Company X in my area is using you. I also wouldn’t jump off a bridge if you told me they did either.
  • You don’t have keyword options.
  • I believe in Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, read it before calling me.
  • I do pay for Google AdWords, and they work. I have verified them!
  • Being a Certified Google Partner means nothing to me. I have looked at becoming one myself. You cannot do anything for my AdWords account that I don’t already know.

You did your job as required by calling me. If, after reading this, you feel that your service is still worth my time, you may call me back. However, if you lie to me or try to sell me on facts contrary to those stated above, I will hang up on you and block your number from future calls. I look forward to not hearing your scripted sales pitch and getting to real solutions.


Marketing Department