Smiling woman wearing only a bra and lit from the side in a classic boudoir photo by Red Silk Photos.

Happy Bakersfield Boudoir Photo

A happy woman is a beautiful thing. A happy woman in only a bra is even more beautiful. This non-traditional boudoir photo shys away from the more sulky and demure style by showcasing Mandy's lovely smile. Her closed eyes give a giddy feeling to the photo and can leave you wondering what is making her happy so. Using cross lighting in this way is a great way to show the curve and plumpness of the breasts. A good rule in photography is to not let the nose cross the cheek when capturing a profile like this. If you are interested in creating stunning and sexy images for your significant other, head over to my pricing page to get started on your boudoir journey.

Location: Bakersfield, CA


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