Planning a portrait session isn’t difficult, but there are a few things to line up before the session.


The guidelines for clothing selection are simple.

  1. Avoid fine print patters. Pen-stripes, plaids, and fine weaves can mess with printers and cameras. The shapes of the lines can also be distracting from the true subject(s) of the image, the people.
  2. Darker Colors are more slimming. This doesn’t mean you need to wear all black, but choosing dark blue jeans instead of light blue jeans can make legs look a little thinner.
  3. Long vs Short Sleeves. If you are concerned about arm flab, avoid tank tops. Cap sleeves are usually a good bet for women. Both men and women should choose clothing that covers those pesky tan lines. Wearing a low V-neck after a summer of short sleeve crews will look terrible in images. Can it be fixed? Yes. Do you want to pay for it?
  4. Color. Choosing similar colors is best for the look. Not everyone needs to wear blue jeans and white tee shirts though. Colors should be similar, but not necessarily matching.
  5. High Heels and flats. Heels help tighten the muscles of the legs and make them look more toned. Boots are a good alternative too. The flats are for walking in from one background to another. It is easier to walk 50 feet in flats than heels.


Hair and Make-Up Guidelines

  1. Hairspray. Bring some hairspray just in case. The more inclement the weather, the more dramatic the photos look. That means more wind too.
  2. Lipstick. Make sure you have extra lipstick on hand.
  3. Heavier. The camera tends to dull color a little. To counteract this, use slightly heavier makeup sades than you would normally wear during the day.


Do you have any hobbies? Where do you like to go to relax?

If you are a woodsy type of person, we should shoot in the woods. If you like the beach, that makes more sense. The clothing should match this feeling too. An urban grunge session works better with leather jackets than Hawaiian shirts. I would be happy to help you choose an aesthetic that matches your personality. To do this, I have to be more than just your photographer, I need to know who you are.


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