Bakersfield boudoir photographer capturing a woman in teal underwear splashing in the Kern river.

Sexy Splashing by Bakersfield Boudoir Photographer

Ms. K- is always a joy to work with. We did this fun photo shoot just before summer hit. Water was flowing in the Kern River near Truxton extension. We went out into the water and I told her to have fun with it. Her teal bra and panties add a nice splash of color against the orange and blue of the setting sun. The thing I love about being a Bakersfield boudoir photographer is making women feel good about their bodies. I have worked with Ms. K- on several occasions, so we’re able to be more creative with the session and have fun. In this case, I told her to splash with her feet. Capturing the water in the air as her foot is leaving the river adds a nice sense of motion to the image and gives a playful feeling. You can see her small tattoo on her left wrist raised in the air. Being a photographer in Bakersfield means knowing where the best spots to capture images like this are. I’d love if you checked out my boudoir photography gallery.

Location: Near Truxton in Bakersfield, CA

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