A beautiful woman tattoo boudoir photograph.

Delicate Tattoo Boudoir Stocking Photo

Delicate Tattoo Boudoir Stocking Photo

A beautiful woman lying on a bed. This tattoo boudoir photo show not only how gorgeous her body is, but also shows the artwork of the ink she has had done. It is considered against the rules to tilt the camera for these types of photos, but occasionally, breaking the rules in photography is good for creative and artistic reasons. I loved doing this session with Sasha. I really enjoyed the black stockings she brought.
There are a variety of places to shoot, but prefer renting a hotel room for doing boudoir sessions. The spaces are kept professionally clean on a regular basis, come with a bed, and have no clutter. This can cut down on the "character" of the images, but it does make things easy.

Location: Bakersfield, CA


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