Black and white photograph of Paige with the Los Angeles skyline in the background after a fresh rain by Bakersfield boudoir photographer, Red Silk Photos.

LA Boudoir Photographer

As a boudoir photographer, black and white is a staple of my style. This classic look comes together in black and white. The color of the lights in the background disappears to create a pretty twinkling skyline. Downtown LA is gorgeous at night and there are few places you can view the skyline from to get a shot like this. Sorry, no secretes told here. Paige was a joy to work with, especially since it was raining all day in Los Angeles. This boudoir shot shows her in a trench coat with an umbrella. I used a single light from the left to give this image a bit of a vintage Hollywood feel. You can see the US Bank tower and CitiGroup buildings in the background.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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