A photo of a woman laying on a bed lit by a red light wearing only a bra and garter with stockings by a great Bakersfield boudoir photographer.

Cheeky Red Boudoir Photographer

The curves of a woman's body are something to be admired and cherished. This cheeky shot shows Sasha's beautiful buttocks. It is made better by the use of a red gel on the flash to add a seductive mood to the whole image. The curve of her bottom is accentuated by the straps of her garter belt going to her stockings. Being a boudoir photographer means creating not just an image, but a mood and story in a single frame. My goal is always to make an image that is sexy but not sexual. This is a big distinction between boudoir photography and more explicit photos. The pose, lighting, and outfits all make a big difference when considering glamour photography. If you are considering hiring a Boudoir Photographer I would encourage you to look at the rest of the photos in my gallery. This photo was created at a local hotel in the Bakersfield area. Hotels are great for privacy, clutter free, and pre-designed sets.

Location: Bakersfield, CA


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