Your Reasons for a Boudoir Session Are All Wrong

Published: April 7, 2017
Black and White Boudoir Session Photo of a Woman Lying on a Bed.

Asking why a woman is choosing to do a glamour session is critical to producing the best images possible for her. I notice a disturbing trend in some of the answers I get however. There are wrong reasons to do a boudoir session.

The idea of giving risque photos to a spouse or significant other is great. Brides are even choosing to do a bridal boudoir shoot as gifts to their grooms. I personally believe that every woman should get glamour photos once in their life. Get rid of the terrible excuses for not doing one.

Glamour photos are a celebration of the beauty and sexuality of a woman. Done properly, they should show how sexy she is and not make her a sexual object.


Can a woman be sexy without being a sexual object? Emphatically, yes!


Here’s a list of a few ways to be sexy:

  • Class
  • Poise
  • Confidence
  • Manners
  • Humor
  • Integrity
  • Intelligence

There are a couple things to note about this list. First, none of those traits are external. They don’t depend how you dress or what you think your scale should read. Second, they are timeless. A 50 year old woman can be just as sexy as a 20 year old. And lastly, none of these traits require a woman to show her butt, breasts or wear a thong.

Sexual Object

What do I mean by a sexual object? A sexual object is a thing with the sole purpose of creating pleasure for someone. Miriam Webster defines it as a person, but I think once you see a person as only something to bring gratification, you no longer look at them as a human being.

Boudoir Session

But I thought boudoir was about producing sexy photos?

You are absolutely right. It is about sexy photos, not making the subject (client) an object. It may seem like splitting hairs, but there is a large difference. The black and white photo at the top of this post is a great illustration of that difference. Would most people call this pornographic? Probably not. Is it sexy, you bet. She is pictured as a beautiful woman lying on a bed. She could look just as sexy wearing a tee-shirt to cover everything.

The goal of a boudoir session isn’t to produce something a spouse will use for sexual pleasure.

An Epidemic

If you don’t already know, sexually explicit images and videos are all over the web. There are probably more sites out there catering to the male drive than regular ones. Unfortunately, the research shows that such activity reduces male satisfaction in relationships, increases promiscuity and causes a host of other problems. However, some research may indicate that pornographic images aren’t all that bad for us. But why take the chance?

Do you really want your significant other to look at you this way? Any photographer can produce images of such a nature, but would you want to contribute to the above state of affairs?

For You, Not Him

Do a Boudoir Session for you. Not him. There are a host of reasons you should get these photos done. Many of them involve your self confidence (which makes you more sexy), a significant life event, or because the experience is worth it. Read this before you give your reasons for not choosing to do a shoot.

Can you still give the photos as a gift, you bet. Do it for you though.

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