Dramatic Bakersfield Boudoir Photographer

Published: December 26, 2018

Amazing Padre Hotel Boudoir Photographer

Published: December 26, 2018

Woman lying on a bed drizzled in purple light at the Padre Hotel and captured by Bakersfield boudoir photographer, Red Silk Photos.

The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield is a great place for a boudoir photographer to capture the beauty of a woman. In this image I chose to use a purple gel on a flash to add some unique color to the photo. If you look closely, you can see a table lamp in the background with […]

Padre Hotel Boudoir Photographer

Published: December 20, 2018

Why I love being a Boudoir Photographer B- was such a great model to work with. This was her first time having boudoir photos done and I was honored to capture them. Many women are nervous the first time they get a glamour session done because of how exposed they feel. She was no different. […]

Risque Boudoir Nude Photograph

Published: November 23, 2018

Roses and Milk Bath Boudoir

Published: September 17, 2018

A Milk Bath Boudoir Photo with Roses Miss K- is always a pleasure to work with. When she told me she wanted to do a milk bath style boudoir session, I jumped at the chance to create some unique imagery. This particular photo was captured in my garage in an inflatable pool. Using milk to […]

Wet Shower Risque Boudoir Photography

Published: May 28, 2018

Steamy hot risque boudoir photography of a nude woman in the shower in Bakersfield CA.

It is so important to find a great photographer when you plan on booking a boudoir shoot. Having someone you can feel comfortable with and capture great images can be the difference between feeling beautiful or not. Getting fully nude in a shower for a more risque boudoir photography experience should only come with your […]

Showered in Light Boudoir Photo

Published: May 24, 2018

Boudoir photo of a woman with tattoos looking upward lit by an overhead light.

This boudoir photo was shot with a new piece of equipment I purchased. The boom allows me to place lights over a subject and out of the frame. In this case, it allowed for a very flattering image focused on the subject’s face. The light caresses her body and accentuates her cheek bones, chin, and […]

Risque Panty Boudoir Photographer

Published: May 24, 2018

A super sexy panty photo showing legs and the shadow of lace panties shot by Red Silk Photos boudoir photographer.

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LA Skyline Boudoir Photo

Published: February 11, 2018

Boudoir photo of a woman standing against the Los Angeles skyline holding an umbrella wearing a brown overcoat.

City Skyline Boudoir Photo There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous woman against the backdrop of the beautiful Los Angeles skyline. A boudoir photo capturing both elements makes for a stunning image. This dramatic image shows a woman holding an umbrella and wearing a brown trench coat with the skyscrapers of downtown LA in […]

Classy LA Boudoir Photographer

Published: February 11, 2018

Black and white photograph of Paige with the Los Angeles skyline in the background after a fresh rain by Bakersfield boudoir photographer, Red Silk Photos.

LA Boudoir Photographer As a boudoir photographer, black and white is a staple of my style. This classic look comes together in black and white. The color of the lights in the background disappears to create a pretty twinkling skyline. Downtown LA is gorgeous at night and there are few places you can view the […]