Risque Boudoir Photography

Published: May 19, 2017
 Soda lake risque boudoir photography showing a woman's beauty.

Boudoir photography spans such a wide style that it can be difficult to properly define the major aspects of it. This is nowhere more true than in risque boudoir photography. Risque photography is on the more sexually suggestive and explicit end of the spectrum.

We have to first understand what we mean by “risque” before we can know what this type of photography is.

According to Google: risque is slightly indecent or liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.

I would like to point out here that the definition is not the same as porn. Being sexually suggestive is not sexually explicit. Our deep American puritan roots don’t lend themselves easily to such distinctions. I would point out though, that God created Adam and Eve and they were naked.

Being naked ins’t a bad thing.

You can read my thoughts about nudity in art here.

Risque boudoir photography also shouldn’t be about your spouse or significant other. Some images need a certain about of nudity to have the proper impact. The impact isn’t just about the viewer, but also about you, the subject. Standing in front of a photographer and disrobing is a mix of emotions. When the photographer then says, “Remove your bra please,” it can be down right terrifying or liberating.

Not every woman is ready for the intense experience of being so vulnerable in front of the camera. What some people don’t understand is the power that comes with properly done photographs. Good risque boudoir photography will ensnare the viewer. Captivating their attention and making them wonder what is going on. It may make some people recoil in fear and others experience a sense of titillation, but in any case, the subject and photographer own the mind of the viewer for that brief moment.

The captivation of the viewer without crossing over the line into arousal is the essence of good risque boudoir photography.

How to Prepare for Risque Photographs

The preparation for a risque boudoir session isn’t drastically different than for a regular session. The biggest hurdle is psychological. Our fears prevent us from doing amazing things, but fear exists to keep us safe from danger. What danger?

  1. Check the references of your photographer.
  2. Check his/her website to see the work.
  3. Ask as many questions as you want.
  4. Tell the photographer your fears.
  5. Be honest about why you want risque images.
  6. Set your boundaries and say no.

These 6 tips will help you have the best session you possibly can. I personally try to not show the genitals when shooting risque images. Nude Art can sometimes cross into the boundary of showing all body parts, but often the look and feel of the images is different than one would see in a skin magazine. Exposing the breasts can be a tough subject. The movement among women in recent years is to freely show exposed breasts since men can. On the one hand, these women are right that there is not a significant difference between a man’s boobs and a woman’s, but on the other, most people do not look at male breasts and become sexually aroused either.

I would also suggest reading how to prepare for a boudoir session.

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