Places To Take Boudoir Photos

Published: March 10, 2017

Before planning a boudoir shoot, you need to know where to take boudoir photos. The list isn’t long, but there are pros and cons to every option. Finding the ideal location to match the style of images you wish to create is why you hire a professional. Also remember to check my post on finding the right clothing for your boudoir session.

Photograph of a plus size model for boudoir Bakersfield.


Red corset boudoir photograph in a milk bath with red fabric.

A photo studio can be a great place to take boudoir photos. On the one hand, it is usually private and has plenty of props and accessories. Conversely, a photo studio could be more expensive than some of your other options. The cost of running a large studio space can add $50 to $100 on a session easily.


Desert Boudoir

Locations can be any number of places. Typically, these are outdoor spots away from the usual traffic locations. Finding spots like these can be difficult, but typically give a custom look to the images as no two spots are the same. Forget about changing outfits here as it is usually a short hike to the photography spot and privacy isn’t guaranteed. Some great spots include rivers, lakes, beaches, and abandoned industrial areas to take boudoir photos. Be careful not to trespass and always have a long coat near by just in case some unsuspecting stranger happens upon you.


 Hotels are a great place to take boudoir photos.

Another great secure location with privacy, but more limited in the number of sets that can be done. There are a couple great reasons for doing a boudoir session at a hotel. First, you can use it as a date night afterward. Second, the cost can be split between multiple sessions and since it isn’t owned by the photographer, there isn’t the cost of overhead. Check out my article on planning a boudoir session to read a little more about hotels for boudoir.


Another great option is your home. The must unique place you can take boudoir photos, since no one else uses your home for photos. The biggest draw back for doing a session here is the limited space. It allows for multiple outfit changes and also a comfortable environment. Since the photographer doesn’t have to pay for the space, this can reduce the cost of your boudoir session. Depending on the items in your home, this may make for some really good shots like this pool table photo.

Pool Table Boudoir Photograph

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