Perfect Valentines Date Night

Published: January 13, 2017

Can you picture what your ideal date night would look like? Would it involve dinner, a movie? Obviously you have to get hair and makeup done. What about lingerie? What if I gave you the perfect formula for a Valentines Date night, or any date night for that matter?

Step 1.) Pick Your Lingerie

I would suggest a couple options here. Go all out. Stockings, garter belt, heels, corset. If you need advice on what type to choose, check out my post about the different types of lingerie. Don’t put it on yet, you will want to get make up done, but you want to have your selections made here before you do.

Step 2.) Makeup and Hair

Start your day early, get your nails painted. A pedicure might also be a great choice. For this type of date night, you may not even need to go to the salon. What about a hotel room? The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield has some great room choices for a date night.

Step 3.) Book a Boudoir Photographer

What? A sales pitch? Well sort of. But hear me out. If you are going to pay to have your nails done and go through all the work of getting all pretty, why not take pictures to go with? On top of that, you can give the photos as a gift a couple weeks after the date and your significant other will remember the whole thing all over again. If you plan it right, you can book a room at a local hotel, get your hair and makeup done there, do the shoot and then come back to the hotel for your evening enjoyment. No dishes, no making the bed. Just a romantic evening. Many hotels even offer a “honeymoon” package complete with Champagne and rose petals.

And what could be hotter than having your picture taken looking really sexy before you decide to see your hunk?

Step 4.) Dinner

We all have to eat. Especially if you are going to be engaging in heavy physical activity. Some foods can be a great aphrodisiac. If you want to make it really special, have it ordered in to the hotel and do it candlelight style.

Dinner doesn’t work for you? What would you suggest instead?

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  • Great article! This would definitely be a great Valentines gift for my hubby. Plus, I’d get the excuse of getting all dressed up and looking good. Since let’s face it, most stay at home moms wardrobe consists of leggings and t-shirts. Not much fancy lingerie or makeup going on here.

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