New Beginning

Published: November 24, 2016

New ventures are always the hardest to get started. I had worked hard to establish a well known photography company, C&B Pictures, in Bakersfield. As usually happens in partnerships, things turned sour and we decided to go separate ways. This is good; read why.

What does this mean? Well, quite simply, it means several things that benefit you immediately. First, I have less overhead. This means my prices can be more competitive with the general market of photography.

Second, I can now pursue my own distinctive style and look. This may not seem like an obvious benefit to you the consumer, but here is why it matters. Not everyone likes Starbucks coffee or wants to drive an SUV. Some people want the local coffee shop and a high end sports car. We are different as people and have different tastes.

Being forced to start from scratch opens up the world of possibility, encourages creative thinking, and requires renewed appreciation for clients. Being uncomfortable with the situation makes me want to try harder and deliver more.

I finally settled on a name, identified my brand, and planned my direction. I hope you will help me to grow this new photography company into an amazing service. I used to shoot weddings, portraits, and several other types of photos, but now I will be honing in on Portraits and Boudoir solely. Please show me some support by posting a comment below as I go through this trying time and grow as a photographer and person.


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