Making Seductive Photos Look Good

Published: April 28, 2017
 Army boudoir corset with a blonde posing for seductive photos.

Boudoir photography has moved from the fringe to the main stream. That means more women trying to pull of sexy and sultry looks who don’t have years of modeling experience. Believe it or not, every woman can look sexy. Here are 5 tips to getting sexy looks for seductive photos, even if you have #rbf.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Tyra Banks didn’t get where she is by not practicing. Stand in front of a mirror and practice various looks. Actors and models do this all the time. Don’t be afraid to try looks even if they look ridiculous. This is just as much about feeling comfortable with your looks as it is learning what your face is doing. As a bonus, this will also make you a more likable person (not to say you aren’t likable now) in general because you will be able to control your expressions better.


This is a trick I learned from a Seattle based boudoir photographer (I can’t remember his name, I think it was Mike). The trick is to say oh and hold it. Most women, the first time I mention this say the word for about a second and a half. That is about 4 seconds too short. The point of this particular look is the pursed lips forming a small ‘O’ shape. To make the look work well, raise the eyebrows. You should be able to still breath through your lips when you do this right. The ‘Oh’ trick is great for a classic pinup style and playful seductive photos.


First off, this isn’t two Vatos meeting on the street saying “Hey, wassup” to each other. This should be a super big smile, high pitched “Hey!” It is all about cheerful, bubbly, happy, and excited. Just like how I feel when I get out of bed in the morning. This again works for the classic pin up style looks. Seductive photos are not always sultry and moody, sometimes a playful attitude can be very powerful.

Bite the Lip

This one can be tricky to pull off. First of all, don’t suck your whole lip into your mouth so that you only have a chin. Secondly, don’t draw blood. This look is between playful and hungry. Try and only get a side (right or left) of your bottom lip. Once you have lightly constrained your lip, pull it out while still keeping slight pressure. This will help to expose your teeth, which is what makes these seductive photos work. If you can’t see the majority of your lip or your teeth, it won’t work. To help pull off the look, you can also think about a sexy encounter that made you feel this way. Restrained and longing.

Through the Mouth

I have noticed over the years that closed lips do not look great. A gaping mouth also isn’t good. What works well is a space between the lips not big enough to pass a finger through, but large enough to breath through. This makes tons of sense if you think about how people breath when they are anticipating a romantic encounter. To be healthy, you should breath in through your nose and out your mouth, but the extra oxygen taken in by opening the mouth increases sensitivity to the erogenous zones. Don’t create a smile here, at least no with your lips. This is a more serious and passionate longing look. Check out these photos for examples.



Tyra made this phrase common vernacular after Top Model. While many people use the term, they don’t actually understand what is going on. Psychology has research to tell us. A fake smile doesn’t engage orbicularis oculi. This muscle is located around the eye. Some say we can’t voluntarily contract it, but we can fake it! That is what Tyra is alluding to. Flexing this muscle causes the cheeks to rise slightly and gives a feeling of warmth and happiness even if there isn’t a visible smile. It can make or break seductive photos. Once you can flex this muscle on cue, it will add great looks to all your photos. One trick is to squint, but open up your upper eyelids (I know, it sounds weird). You are trying to get the cheek muscle below the eye to tighten.

Try out all these tricks in your photos. Who knows, they may even help in your relationships too!

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