Boudoir Lingerie Outfit Types

Published: January 6, 2017

Walk into Victoria’s Secret or any lingerie store and you will be hit with a dizzying array of outfit choices. Men say it’s because women like their clothes, but secretly guys really like it too. With so many choices, how do you pick the right stuff to look good for a shoot? Here is a list of boudoir lingerie outfit types.

Woman wearing a chemise.

Chemise & Baby-doll


This loose fitting “night gown” goes to about the thigh. It looks like a light weight dress. The lace tends to make it look more like underwear than a dress, but some dresses are referred to as chemises. This piece of lingerie gives a classic and elegant look. It doesn’t reveal too much skin, but still has enough sex appeal to make it intimate.


Take a chemise and cut the bottom at the panties. The fitted breast cup acts like a bra with lace typically hanging below.

Why you might choose a chemise or baby-doll.

A chemise or a baby-doll is great for covering the belly area. A chemise works best for poses laying down or a casual seated look. If you have concerns about c-section scars or stretch marks, a chemise can be a good choice. Similarly a baby-doll will give some coverage of the tummy, but also works for poses like lying down or standing next to a wall. It is also a good choice to start with for the woman who is a little nervous about having intimate photos taken. A baby-doll is a great boudoir lingerie outfit.

 Robes & Kimonos

A kimono is a traditional Japanese form of attire and has become more popular in the west in recent years. Kimonos are straight cut, whereas a robe will have some contouring. Traditionally, the Japanese wanted to minimize the female form and several layers of kimonos were used to reduce the curves of the body. However, a modern kimono or a robe can give a casual feel to your boudoir session. They are also great for covering up between looks or changes of outfit.

Why you might choose a robe or kimono…

These are great for the modest woman who wants to show very little skin but still have a  sexy feeling to the session. The nice thing about both kimonos and robes is what they leave to the imagination. Boudoir is as much about what you see as what you don’t. They also give a certain level of privacy during a boudoir session.

Black panties and garters are great boudoir lingerie outfits for your session.

Garter, Garter Belt, & Girdles

These can be really sexy and are a staple boudoir lingerie outfit. The traditional girdle covered a large area of the midsection and down the legs. After the 1960’s, the more modern girdle covers a smaller area. Like a garter belt, a girdle is used to hold thigh high stockings up with suspenders. While many of the photos you see of a garter belt show the garter belt over the panties, it actually makes more sense to wear it under so that the undies can be taken off more easily.

Wear a garter, look like a boss.

A garter belt can give a high class sophistication to your boudoir session. Combining this with a short skirt can give the sexy boss/secretary type of feeling. It can be worn with or without panties, but most typically have matching panties sets. Choosing a black set will give a more dominating and controlling feeling to the photos, while white will convey more innocence.

Woman wearing a black corset.

Corsets, Corsages, & Basques

Aside from the the traditional thought of a very thinly waisted Victorian woman passing out, a corset can be a very sexy piece of lingerie. Corsets come in several varieties and I have grouped corsages and basques together with them here. A corset usually has stiff bone or steel ribbing (modern plastic) to give it a shape. These tend to offer more support for women who are endowed with a bigger bosom and give the appearance of a bigger chest for those who aren’t. Most are laced in the back but can also have front hook and eye clips to make it easier to put on. A corsage is like a corset except that it uses elastic instead of rigid ribbing. Lastly is the Basque (different from the people but from a similar part of the world), which extends to the top of the hips past the waist.

You might choose a tortured waistline because…

Corsets are not the cure to waistline woes. What ever gets squeezed must go somewhere. However, a corset or corsage can give that little bit of extra shape in the mid section and plump the girls up a little giving more cleavage. If you choose to use a corset or corsage, I would encourage a matching set of panties in a tanga, thong, or g-string style. An accompanying garter belt might also make a good choice.


Thigh-highs are a great way to add class and sex appeal to your photo session. These are another boudoir lingerie outfit staple. The nylon or other transparent material cover the legs up to the mid thigh. Thigh highs make a good pin up style session. Thigh high stockings are also good for a few fantasy boudoir looks like the school girl, french maid, or boss looks.


Briefs to T-strings. The types of panties you can choose from are just as varied as the types of tops. No fear, there are a few basics to understand and then you will be an expert.

Classic and high-cut briefs come up to just below the belly button. These are traditionally associated with “granny panties.” While not typically associated with sexy lingerie, they can work well for exceptionally thin women who want to appear slightly taller or for a vintage type of photo session.

Bikini is what most modern women probably associate with panties. These are most likely the everyday wear of most modern women. The fabric covers more of the butt cheek and is slightly wider on the sides than a Tanga.

Thongs are skimpy. A thong will have a strip of fabric running between the legs and up the back to the waistline. Most of the buttock is visible with a thong.

A Tanga style panties is what happens when you cross a bikini and a thong. Thinner on the sides than the bikini, but covering more of the buttocks than a thong. This type of panties can be playful and mischievous at the same time.

Which panties are right for you?

Briefs will fit any body type and are the safest choice. Bikini and Tanga styles works well on hourglass figures as well as the inverted triangle types. Thongs are best for women who have a firm buttocks and are moderately sized with an adventurous spirit not afraid to show some skin. Remember that just because it is an intimate style session, you don’t need to wear the skimpiest thing out there on the rack.

Shirts & Camisoles

Button downs, v-necks, and fitted all have their own appeal. A button down shirt is the classic work shirt for guys. Most guys like the thought of their special lady wearing one of their button down shirts. If you are like most couples, his shirts will probably be a little big on you, covering just below the pelvic area. If you decide to use a tight fitting shirt, go with one of his favorite sports teams or geek it up with a super hero look. V-necks are best in solid colors and should fit fairly tight.

If lace is more your style, the camisole makes a good match for a shirt type look with more delicacy to it. Match this with a great set of panties and you have a super sexy outfit with a touch of innocence to it.

Button down vs Fitted Tee vs Camisole

This will depend largely on your personality. If you are more of the gamer or tom boy type, a fitted tee is a great way to go. Button downs work best if you want to convey a first date feeling or have a significant other that likes seeing you in his shirts. If you go with this option, either go one size too small or two sizes too big. The camisole gives the girl next door type of feeling and has a softer style. It is the perfect choice for the shy but inwardly wild type of girl who wants to appear tender and delicate.


Teddies are the leotard’s naughty sister. Usually lace but can come in solids and just strips of ribbon. A teddy looks like a one piece bathing suit. You need to be careful about picking a teddy to make sure you get one most suited to your body type. Look for a teddy that will enhance the good and hide areas of concern.

Why snuggle up with a teddy?

A teddy gives you both the bra and panties in one. No need to worry about them not matching. Depending on the cut, it can hide stretch marks from a pregnancy, highlight the bust area and even lengthen the look of the legs.

Bras and Bustiers

Did you know that most women are not wearing the proper bra for their breast size? Check out these two sites about measuring for your bra size and why you shouldn’t. Better yet, go to your local bra shop and get properly fitted. If you don’t know, a bra is a horribly engineered device. I was a Pre-Engineering student years ago, and this was actually a topic that came up. This would also be a reason why you might consider a bustier. A good matching bra and panties can be really sexy. A bustier is like a bra that extends down the torso. This can provide extra support and push the breasts up to give a fuller look. Be careful not to confuse a bustier with a corset or corsage.

Bustier or bust, which is best for you?

My wife can’t go strapless with a bra, ever. Women who are gifted (or cursed) with larger busts should consider using a bustier to give better support and shape to the bust line. Invest in bras and panties; a good set will last a while and feel comfortable. If you feel sexy in a set, go with it. Don’t worry if you think it isn’t the cutest. When you feel sexy, it will show.

Fantasy Wear

There are a variety of options for fantasy outfits. Check out my post on Boudoir Fantasy Outfits for more information there.


Some women prefer to go completely nude for a boudoir session. This is fine for most body types but is only for the most adventurous or exhibitionist types of women. The more skin that shows, the more post production work it takes to make it look good. Nude sessions work best with minimalist backgrounds and more abstract poses. The implied nude can work for the average woman who still wants to maintain some modesty while being a little risque.

Final Notes

For all the words placed here, the best thing to do is choose what you like and feel good in. It doesn’t matter how sexy a piece of lingerie looks, if you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t look sexy in it. It is good to get outside your standard comfort zone sometimes and try different types of lingerie. You might find something that works amazing for your body type that you never would have guessed would look good.

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