Boudoir Fantasy Outfit Ideas

Published: December 30, 2016

Picking outfits for a boudoir session can be challenging. Depending on your personality, it might be good to step out of your comfort zone into a role playing aspect. By taking on a fantasy role, you can be free from the normal constraints and engage the camera in a more dramatic fashion. Here are a list of different fantasy outfit themes you could choose to incorporate into a boudoir session. As much as possible, avoid the Halloween costumes for these themes. Finding a good miniskirt is a better solution for quality and look than what is typically included in a Halloween fantasy package.

I have included several links to various places to purchase these costumes. These are not an endorsement of these products and I am not affiliated with them in any way.


Most guys who weren’t on the football team dreamed of being with one of the cheerleaders. The short skirts and pom-poms along with letter-man jackets make this a classic fantasy look. One of the key selling points of the cheerleader theme is the playful and energetic attitude. If you have a bubbly personality normally, this might be a great fit for you. Check here to find a decent cheerleader outfit.


The librarian theme is similar to the honor student theme. The glasses and books make this look. It is a great fantasy outfit for a guy who likes his woman as smart as she is hot. To make the look more mature, go with a set of thigh high stockings and a garter belt. I tend to prefer the look of old books over new ones, but any stack of books will work just fine. Add a pair of glasses and a pencil and the look is complete. Use a button down shirt with a fitted skirt. The librarian look is great for the shy, sophisticated, and intellectual woman who wants to look sexy without flaunting everything. To put a costume together for this look, shop in your department store for professional styles of clothing. A good pencil skirt and a tight button down blouse will give you the basics.

School Girl

Like the librarian, but more innocent (theoretically). There are several things to do differently than the librarian look. First, ditch most of the books. Add pigtails, knee high stockings, bubble gum and a bit of playfulness to get the school girl look. You can include a tie here also. Typically a tartan style skirt works best with pleats, reminiscent of the Catholic school girl look. No need to include the backpack for this type of boudoir session, but a binder might be a good touch. With and without glasses are both fine.

Here are a few good school girl outfits to use in your session.

French Maid

S’il vous plaît. The French maid might be a nice theme to go with. The high contrast of a black dress with a white apron can draw the eye nicely into the image. Make sure to get a feather duster too. Curls in the hair or all up in a bun are the best hairstyles to match with this shy and exotic fantasy look. Remember to include a pair of black stockings and high heels too. While this fantasy style actually has its roots in the Burlesque stage skits, it can still be a good choice. The French Maid boudoir outfit is best photographed in the client’s home, where tables, counters, and dryers add to the realism of the look.


Not for the faint of heart. The powerful dominatrix is queen of everything she sees. The face must be stern and controlled as happy and bubbly just won’t work here. A riding crop, handcuffs or small whip are all great accessories to include too. Not every woman can pull this look off and not every man likes the thought either. If you are the type of woman who normally leaves decisions to your partner, this is probably not a look you will want to try. If you occasionally wear the pants in the relationship though, this might just be the perfect look to try out before actually taking it into the bedroom.


The boss or secretary looks are very similar to the librarian look. The major difference is context. With a librarian look, books, glasses, and a pencil will sell the look. To make the boss or secretary look, different props are needed. A coffee mug, a desk, a laptop or other computer and maybe a briefcase. If your husband or spouse uses a briefcase, this could be a great time to borrow it for your boudoir session. A home office usually makes a good place to photograph this type of fantasy outfit, but a virtual office can also work well. Use the same shopping advice as the librarian theme above but include a tie and possibly a blazer. The nice thing about this outfit theme is that it works for both the dominate and submissive personality types. If you are more controlling, the boss role is easy to do. Conversely, the secretary role can be great for the slightly shy or reserved woman.


Doctor help me. We definitely are not going for the modern nurse look here. Scrubs are not flattering to the body. I don’t really know how we went from the mostly modest knee length nurse dresses of the 60’s to the super short cheeky costumes sold for Halloween today, but hey, we’ll roll with it. Practicality doesn’t ever play much of a role in fantasy, that’s why it’s fantasy. To make this look work get a white mid thigh length cap sleeve dress, some white thigh high stockings and a white nurse hat. A stethoscope and a clip board can also help to sell this look.

Police Officer

The police officer role requires a dominate personality like the dominatrix or boss above. Innocence is out the window here, just like the real justice system. A commanding personality makes the outfit look more believable. If you want to add some realism, use a pair of real hand cuffs and a gun (be careful to check local laws on this). These costumes span the gamut of styles. My suggestion would be to avoid ones that look like teddy’s and go either with the short skirt style or the short shorts style. Sunglasses are a great accessory to add to this look. In most places it is illegal to have a “baton,” so make sure it is plastic or go for the handcuffs instead. Google shopping gives some decent results for police costumes after narrowing the search down a little.

Pick Your Own Boudoir Theme

Because the world of fantasy is only limited by imagination, the sky is the limit here. There are several themes I didn’t cover which might be better suited to your personality. Everything from cosplay characters to sports teams are also great options for a boudoir theme. Every guy has at least one hobby, so you should be able to match the theme to his interests relatively easily. Don’t be afraid to choose something you like too. Boudoir photography is about you first.

If you think I missed one of the major fantasy outfit themes, tell me in the comments below.

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