5 Reasons You Should Wear a Corset Regularly

Published: January 12, 2018

Corsets have been the subject of controversy for centuries. Some women swear by them and some people call them dangerous. Are there benefits to wearing a corset?

The controversy about wearing corsets has gone back as far as the mid 1800 when men believed it made women hysterical. Interestingly, there we several men and doctors of the mid 19th century that condemned the practice, without actually asking women who wore them what their opinion of the practice was.

The corset controversy continues today.

So what are the reasons you should consider wearing a corset?

 Woman in a red sequined corset boudoir photograph.

1.) Back Support

It makes a lot of sense. Strap a tightly laced stiff piece of clothing around your waist area and your back has more support. This can lead to better posture and reduced pain, due to proper posture. However, there is a dark side the back support benefit. Corset can actually reduce core muscle strength. If worn to much, your body will begin to rely on it. But hey, that is the same with a back support or lifting belt.

2.) Weight Loss

So this one needs some big caveats. A corset or waist trainer can definitely help you loose weight, but maybe not in the ways you think. Cinching your waist to a tiny diameter doesn’t make fat go away. It just moves it (and some organs) around. You should always consult your physician or other medical professional for diet, exercise, and other health related endeavors. Corsets are like wearing tight jeans to a Thanksgiving dinner. Eventually you have to undo the button or stop putting food in your mouth. A snug (not suffocating) corset can help you by limiting how much you eat. You know what else can help you do that, self control.

The benefits are completely lost if you binge when you aren’t wearing one. It also should be part of a larger exercise and proper diet plan. Slapping a waist trainer on and hoping it will be the magic pill for your weight loss goals is a terrible plan.

Bakersfield boudoir photo of a woman wearing a corset and clutching a string of pearls.

3.) You’ll Look Sexy

Reducing your waist size is physically attractive. I know some are offended by saying girls with thin waists are attractive because “Thick girls are sexy too.” This is biology. Men are biologically driven to like a certain hip to waist ratio. Besides slimming the waist, a good corset will push the girls up into a more appealing position. This is especially beneficial for women with a large cup size since the added support can relieve some pain.

Moreover, these things used to be underwear, not outerwear. Get a matching set and you’ll look hot!

4.) Reduced Cramps with a Corset

I found this a little surprising. As a guy I have no clue how it feels to have your insides turn against you every 28 days. I do know I don’t like feeling sick in anyway, and to know it’s coming on, makes it worse. Supposedly, wearing a corset can alleviate some of the pain caused by menstrual cycles. According to Glamorous Corset, it reduces the “uterine contractions”, thus reducing the pain. I wonder about reducing how much your body contracts when it is trying to perform natural processes, but if it doesn’t cause you pain, it can’t be overly harmful.

5.) Reduced Waistline

Hopefully, if you are exercising and eating healthy, you will be loosing a few inches off your waistline. Wearing a waist trimmer on top of those habits can give you a better looking silhouette in addition. Worn enough, and it can shave several inches off of your waistline. The effects are permanent, but they don’t disappear as soon as you unlace your corset either.

 Beautiful blonde boudoir photograph of an army style corset with black thigh high stockings and garter belt.

6.) Bonus: It’s all about you!

In all the research I did on this, it appears that everyone has an ax to grind. The sports trainers, gyms, and physical therapists want you to sign up for an exercise program or personal training session. There is always at least one doctor who says to do or not do something. And the people who have been corseting for years see nothing wrong with the practice.

I think a few simple rules will help in this area.

  • Everything in moderation (even moderation).
  • If it hurts, don’t do it.
  • Talk to your doctor about what is best for you.

I hope you enjoyed this and would love your thoughts on wearing a corset or why you shouldn’t.

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  • Loved all of this information. I think corsets are so sexy. And you read a lot of different info on them. Of course you see celebrities indorseing the waist trainers constantly. So to know it actually serves a bit of purpose is nice.

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