5 Reasons Not to DIY Boudoir Photos With A Phone

Published: October 6, 2017
Woman in river as an example of why not to do diy boudoir photos.

A time ago, I wrote about How to DIY Boudoir Photos, here are a few of the reasons you should consider not doing your own.


DIY Boudoir Photos vs Professional

Example of a camera vs smartphone for DIY boudoir photos.

Phone cameras are amazing these days. With the release of the newest iPhone, the camera is amazing. However, there is more to a camera than how good the sensor is. Lens selection and lighting play a big role as well. Don’t get sucked into the megapixel myth when considering a camera either. I have seen great photos come from low megapixel cameras and terrible ones from high megapixel ones. Your DIY boudoir photos shouldn’t look like a bathroom selfie; the camera selection is part of that.


Another example of a SLR camera vs a smartphone.

Having an experienced photographer to set proper lighting can make a big difference in how your images look. The above photo was captured on a smartphone and a camera with the same lighting. It is the lighting that makes the image work in this case. Even the milk bath photo further above is an example of why great lighting is so critical to great boudoir photos.


You sent your boyfriend that sexy selfie you wanted to share and oh look, now its on some porn sight. I find it ironic that some women will not choose a man to take photos, but then do their own DIY boudoir photos to have them potentially end up plastered all over the internet. As a note, I only share images with a client’s permission. A professional has less emotional involvement than a partner, and no need for a “revenge” posting.


You have probably perfected your selfie pose over the years. Unless you are taking lots of photos of your butt, boobs, or other assets you would like to share as a boudoir photo, DIY boudoir photos are going to take more time to perfect. Only relying on your imagination for poses could mean you end up with photos that aren’t the most flattering to your body type.


A less measurable component would be the experience. Joking with a photographer and having him or her show you an amazing photo on the back of the camera is completely different than DIY boudoir photos. Having another human being to respond to can make a big difference in how your photos actually look. It is also a confidence booster when you see how great an image a professional produces of you. When you take that photo yourself, while potentially proud of the photo, it is less about you and more about how good a photo you took.

Bonus: Impact

Boudoir photos should have impact. This means keeping them novel and getting the best quality images possible. A good professional should help you to get more images that are flattering to your body with a range of looks and poses.

If you can think of another reason I should add to the list, please add it in the comments below.

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