A black and white photo of a sexy woman naked in the shower in this risque boudoir photography.

Should you have risque boudoir photography done for you? That is a question only you can answer. A risque photo doesn’t need to show all the naughty parts. This black and white photo of Mandy fits well within my limits for nude images. A few things to note here about this particular photo. First, her breasts are obscured by the water drops on the glass shower wall. Second, she is turned to the side and her front leg is lifted to conceal her pubic area. Combining this with the location of the light makes this a tastefully done image. Shower shots are always the sexiest shots on a shoot. Something about the water and a nude body push the boundaries of the prudish. There are appropriate ways to prepare for such a session if you are interested in booking one. Read this article about Risque Boudoir Photography before you make a call.

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