Bakersfield boudoir photo of a sexy Ms M- lying on a bed in a white lace teddy.

Bakersfield Boudoir

Being a Bakersfield boudoir photographer means capturing great images in the simplest of places. This photograph of Marissa was captured in a hotel room in central Bakersfield. This was Marissa’s first boudoir session. Many women can feel uncomfortable shooting in front of a male photographer, especially a boudoir session, but Marissa did a wonderful job. I work very hard to make my models and clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. If they aren’t, the images won’t come out great.

One of the things I do to separate myself from other Bakersfield Boudoir photographers is educating myself and my clients. Helping clients pick the perfect lingerie for a session can take a load off their shoulders. Selecting makeup artists, stylists, and locations are also some of the things I do to help create the best Bakersfield photographs. I have studied posing from top photographers and often look to vintage pin up paintings and Playboy for lighting and posing ideas. I avoid the more risque magazines so as to not be influenced by ideas I don’t want clients positioned in.

While Bakersfield is a great city to live in because of its small town feel, it is nice to venture outside the town to other areas of California to get interesting boudoir photos.

Give me a call if you are interested in a Bakersfield boudoir photographer to make some great images for you.

Image Location: Bakersfield, CA

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