Almond Orchard Maternity Photographer

In early January clients start calling about capturing images in the almond orchards. This lovely mother-to-be was lucky to be in the last months of her pregnancy while the trees were in bloom. The white blossoms make for an almost angelic scene. I made a couple key choices in how I posed the model to make her look her best. First, I had her bend her right knee to make her lower body appear as slim as possible. Second, I chose to have her look up to the sky on her right. This helps to create a sense of wonder in the image while at the same time extending her neck and making it look more elegant. The last direction I gave her was to gently cradle her belly. Wrapping the hands around the belly is an integral part of baby bump photography. As a maternity photographer, it is not lost on me how important children are to our society and our future as a species. The hands around the belly symbolize the protection the mother is offering to her unborn child and the desire she has for him or her.

As a male photographer, I tend to prefer images with more contrast in general. This means deeper shadows and brighter highlights. Some people may find these stylistic choices not to their liking, but it fits with the bold and dramatic looks of my particular brand. Since I normally shoot boudoir photos, stepping into the world of being a maternity photographer is relatively easy. It is especially true when I am shooting more risque baby bump shots with a classy edge. If you feel my particular style of images fits with your vision, I would love to meet with you and talk about the details. I can also recommend a maternity photographer who might better meet your needs too.

Location: Bakersfield, CA

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