Artistic nude boudoir photo made to look like a broken marble statue.

Artistic Nude Boudoir Statue

This artistic nude boudoir photo was a fun image to create. We used tempera paint to cover her body white. The paint cracked adding to the marble feeling of the session. As a first attempt at doing this type of photo, I am please with the result, but will be changing several things for the next one. The black cracks were added in post production to complete the statuesque feeling of the image. Artistic nude images should be more about creating thought provoking images than sexuality. To help with this, you will notice that the model’s leg is crossed in front to conceal her private areas. I took inspiration from the Greek sculptures of old for this concept. Being able to do a variety of photo styles is one of the things I love about doing boudoir photography.

A few of the things I would change for doing this type of photo session again would be.

  1. Use body paint
  2. Cover Everything
  3. Use pasties

Boudoir sessions like this require that proper grooming be done to the pubic region. Shaving or waxing a couple days before the session is the best recommendation. If you liked this image, check out my Boudoir Gallery for more.

Location: Bakersfield, CA

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