Collected Data

Red Silk Photos only collects the following personally identifiable information about customers, and users of this website or leads from trade shows, events, other vendors or any other referral source. This data may be collected in full or in part and possibly collated to create a complete profile.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Credit Card
  • Social Media Accounts

Collections Sources

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics tracking code to analyze user behavior and statistics. Google does not provide individually identifiable information to Red Silk Photos. Red Silk Photos makes no effort to individually identify any singular website user.


This website uses the Facebook Tracking Pixel to collect information about users of this website. No personally identifiable information is provided to Red Silk Photos from this pixel.


Pinterest user tracking is used on this website. No personally identifiable information is provided by Pinterest to Red Silk Photos.


This website uses Twitter tracking to collect information on website users. No personally identifiable information is provided to Red Silk Photos.


This website uses software to show pop ups to users in an effort to collect personal information. The software uses various methods to prevent pop ups from being shown too frequently to visitors. These methods may include the use of cookies, IP tracking, or other scripting techniques. The data is stored only to ensure user experience. Such data storage may be opted out of by using private browser tracking (incognito mode) or other available technologies.

Users may complete forms on this site which may collect various forms of personally identifiable information. This information is submitted via unsecured http post calls (between client and server) and then transferred secure services using current web encryption. Users may choose not to submit data if concerns exist about the security of any personally identifiable information.

Payment Processing

Red Silk Photos uses a third party service to process payments. As part of the use of that service, Red Silk Photos does not receive or keep the credit card information of the individual making payment. Red Silk Photos will ask for proof of identification prior to processing payment to prevent fraudulent charges in person.


Red Silk Photos often asks current and past individuals for referrals. Typically, these are requests for Names, emails, and/or phone numbers.

Data Usage

Red Silk Photos uses the collected data in various forms. Analytic Data is used to make predictions about website user behavior and trends. This data is also combine with Google Adwords to conduct remarketing campaigns to users. Facebook user data is collected for use in remarketing campaigns on Facebook. Neither source provides information about a single user, but only groups of users. Pinterest data collection is used for remarketing to Pinterest users based on interest. Twitter data is also collected for remarketing to users on Twitter.

Data collected via forms on this website may be used in any of the following ways. Email addresses or phone numbers may be submitted to Facebook to create a Facebook audience or marketing campaign. Such data may also be used to create a “look a like” audience. Email addresses and names may also be used with an email marketing program or service for marketing purposes or other activities Red Silk Photos deems appropriate. Collected phone numbers may be used for texting or calling with the intent of marketing, sales, appointment confirmation, or other activities at the discretion of Red Silk Photos.

Red Silk Photos reserves the right to provide any or all data collected in whole or in part to any individual, company, agency, or service it deems appropriate. Red Silk Photos will only undertake this action to a.) provide better service to the individuals whose data is collected, b.) market services from Red Silk Photos to the individuals whose data is collected.

Data Storage

Red Silk Photos makes the effort to keep personal data secure. In this high tech world of cyber espionage, nothing is perfectly secure. Red Silk Photos uses StudioCloud for keeping and managing client information. Red Silk Photos also uses various services from Google to store and manage data. Neither service uses the data for its own purposes.

Data Sharing

Red Silk Photos only shares data with companies or services as it deems expedient for marketing or normal business operation.

Data Sharing Requests

Users may contact Red Silk Photos at any time and request their information be removed from its database. For Google Analytics, the user must update his or her Google privacy settings. Facebook has its own policies regarding information removal. All requests for data removal from Facebook must be addressed with Facebook.

Data Breach

All data aside from email addresses is handled by third parties and Red Silk Photos does not have direct contact with that data. In the event of a data breach, the third party will handle all notifications and activities to resolve the situation. Basically, Google handles analytics and they will contact you in the event of a breach. The same goes for Facebook and the other sources. For email addresses or phone numbers collected on this site, Red Silk Photos will notify you as soon as it is able and aware of a breach.


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