Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t like _______ about myself. Can you hide it?

Certainly. There are a number of techniques I use to make you look your best. Between lighting, posing, camera angles, and clothing choices, I can help you look great.

Are my images safe? Who can see them?

Absolutely. All images are stored securely physically and electronically. I do not post any photos to the website without your explicit permission. This means that only myself, you, and the people you choose see your images.

Where do you shoot?

There are several options for shoot locations. Good locations are hotels, secluded outdoor locations, or your home. The base package includes a hotel room or limited travel to a location. I can do some sessions in my home depending on your needs, but it isn’t my preferred option.

What about hair and makeup?

I have a list of wonderful people I can put you in touch with. They would love to do your hair and/or makeup. You can plan on professional hair and makeup costing about $150-250 depending. I strongly encourage you to use a professional makeup artist. You can do your own if you prefer or have a friend do it.

What are the options for wardrobe?

I have a selection of corsets, oversized sweaters, costumes, and fabrics to use. You are welcome to use any of these items free of charge. I do not provide panties, stockings, or bras.

Do you shoot nudes?

Yes. I have noticed this has different meanings for different people. Everything I photograph is in the most tasteful manner I can capture it. Boudoir is meant to be sexy, not sexual. It should leave the viewer wanting more, not revealing all the dirty little secrets.

What is the price?

See my pricing page for more info or just give me a phone call.

Do you have a female assistant?

I do not currently have a female assistant, however, there are several options. First, you may bring a supportive friend along with you if you like. Second, you can call any of my past clients to ask them about their experience. Third, I can bring in a female assistant at an additional cost. If you are still not comfortable, I will be happy to recommend a few other photographers I know who can meet your needs.

Why do you shoot boudoir?

Women are inundated with skinny, perfect skinned, edited models in advertising and commercials. What most women don’t know is that they can look amazing too, they just need to hire the right photographer.

Why are you asking questions about hobbies and my likes? You just take pictures right?

Um, no. Photography is a powerful medium to show the character and soul of an individual. Those expressions are best when they are personal. To make images personal, we need to include the things you like and enjoy. Everyone has things they like even if they don’t think so. Some of those things include:

  • Music
  • Books
  • Sports
  • Hobbies

I am not the type of photographer that just snaps photos for you to put on Facebook or your phone. If those are the types of photos you are looking for, you don’t need a professional photographer or even a fauxtographer. It would be unethical of me to not bring my best to your session. To bring my best to every photography session, I need to learn about my clients’ likes and personality.